Today we announced our partnership with UK based cloud provider Scaleforce. The company was founded by three Internet pioneers that have more than ten years experience in the industry in creating and leading successful technological companies.

Below is an excerpt of the press release

Scaleforce follow the philosophy that cloud development is not only necessary to stay ahead of the curve, it must also be easy. Most applications should need little to no changes to take them to the cloud, there should be no hosting provider or service lock-in, the service should be really cost-effective, and scaling should be handled automatically by the platform.

“Cloud is not going anywhere and we are seeing this with an influx of new partners from across the world. Organizations need to leverage this to create new user engagements and superior efficiencies that boost the bottom line,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO. “On-demand and flexible provider-based services are driving fast-paced internal IT diversification and we are ready to partner with visionary companies like Scaleforce to help them to seamlessly provide the best solution.”

By implementing Jelastic, the Scaleforce team are close to accomplishing these goals via a platform that can: natively run any Tomcat/MariaDB/MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB application with no code changes required; automatically vertically scale up and down as an application’s load changes – so their customers get the advantages of cloud scalability and dynamic pricing without having to re-architect their code.

“To provide a state-of-art universal platform and peace-of-mind applications, Scaleforce established a partnership with Jelastic to generate highly reliable and a scalable virtual data center without limits, suitable for all European companies,” said Theodore Filippidis, Scaleforce CEO.

Read the complete press release here.

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