Elastic Cloud

Elastic Cloud

Fully Managed Software-Defined Datacenter

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Simple, fast, cost-effective. Scaleforce provides the ultimate platform for developers and enterprises

Focus on developing applications, not managing your infrastructure

Fully managed and automated configured high available stacks

Delivering the highest uptime

We provide clustering and automatic replication for the highest availability. Advanced load balancing automatically shares the load between instances. Intelligent session replication with sticky sessions and seamless, automated app synchronization between containers


apps scale up and down automatically within a single server and across multiple servers for the ultimate in performance, availability and density.

For SysAdmins and DevOps

We provide a single point of management for cloud administrators via the Cluster Admin panel and self-management for developers and DevOps using our Developer Dashboard.

Automatic vertical scaling without downtime
Automatic horizontal scaling without downtime
Migrating between clouds without downtime
Pay for actually used resources
Self-service easy and functional portal for fast creation and prototyping
Stack of pre-configured servers
Improved Docker Support
Huge list of pre-configured 1-click applications' installations
Configuring traffic distribution between instances via User Interface

What’s Included

Failover infrastructure with regular backups Automates routine administration Lifecycle management in 2 clicks
1-click app installation and autoconfiguration Load alerts, dripstat and new relic integration Configurable via UI traffic distribution
Users’ data protection and enchanced security eCommerce engines and improved performance Automated Backup's Included

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