About Our Software

A Pioneering Orchestrator, Virtualization, Cloud Storage, Routing and CDN.
Jelastic® Orchestrator

Automatic Load Balancing

Session Replication

Docker ® Standard within Jelastic

Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling

Smart clustering for complex applications

Any application supported


Enhanced security and isolation

3x better density

Virtuozzo containers outperform Xen by 160-580%, and KVM by 380-640% in medium-to-heavy workloads

Live migration between servers with different CPU feature sets

Rebootless updates eliminate service outages for end users during system updates

Advanced network isolation with own host-routed network interfaces

Virtuozzo® Storage

Enable zero downtime, live server migration, and non-disruptive replication

Automatically switches to redundant data copies and quickly restarts the service on another physical machine

Detects failures and during auto-recovery the storage cluster adjusts to provide continuous data access

Accelerate performance to speeds 160-640% faster than leading hypervisors on traditional LAMP stacks

Verizon® Caching Engine

Sailfish, Flexible and scalable caching, storage, acceleration and rules engine that supports the entire Verizon Digital Media Services delivery platform.
Edge Intelligence Framework, Inspect dynamic website requests (HTML, JS, CSS) and optimize on the fly for lightning-fast page load time and efficient caching.

Easily create custom rules to specify how our edge servers should cache and deliver your content to slash bandwidth costs and reduce load on origin servers.
Purge, Update or remove content at the edge quickly via API or web portal to help ensure the most up-to-date content possible.

Verizon® DNS

Globally distributed Domain Name System (DNS) servers prevent server outages from impacting site traffic and causing performance degradation.
Verizon’s massive IP Anycast network responds in real time, providing information like the user’s geographic location, network transiting and knowledge of the closest Super PoP (point of presence).

About Our Network

The internet is a core component of every business, whether your website is used for content delivery or commerce. We’re right there when things go viral on major social media networks, and we’re there streaming your major entertainment and sports events. We’re here for you, addressing all of your online needs.

Intelligent load balancing ensures delivery from the fastest resource for each request

Internet Protocol- (IP)-based user routing drives more efficient responses

Our server-to-delivery efficiency ratio is reputable in the industry

Open Peering Policies provide single hop low latency connections to thousands of networks


Flexible and scalable caching, storage, acceleration and Rules Engine underpin the entire network

Our linear and horizontal scaling approach yields far greater storage capacity than traditional traffic-load balancing design

Strategically placed caching servers at carrier interconnection points, and peering with those same carriers, provide delivery services to even the most remote geographies


Our technology tolerates disk, server, rack or datacenter failure without user impact

Resilience/failover through multi-homed networks

About Our Locations

Our network spans the globe, with our Super PoPs (points of presence) located on five continents. These massive concentrations of caching servers are located at key Internet Exchange points and are just milliseconds away from almost every broadband user on the planet.

Because our Super PoPs are strategically located at the center of the world’s fastest data interchanges, we are able to deliver more content with less overhead than other CDNs. Our CDN is efficient, scalable and the reason why we routinely outperform older CDNs in performance tests while remaining price-competitive.

We are not just wires, switches and servers. We are a team of passionate people working every day to make