Odin Virtuozzo

Enterprise secure containers and virtualized cloud storage

Virtuozzo is a high-security, high performance, scalable container virtualization solution combines containers and storage for delivering high-availability cloud services

With Virtuozzo Containers

enteprises and developers have a high-security, high-performance infrastructure solution uniquely suited to server virtualization and cloud application development.

Reduce server maintenance costs by 75%
Centralize management to enable fast and efficient operating system updates and upgrades.
Increase Application Performance by 50%
Enable near-native server performance, delivering maximum application performance and scalability
Provision new servers quickly
Make new servers available within minutes of a customer order and have them instantly on with no operating system boot-up time

With Virtuozzo Storage

Distribute storage from existing hard drives across all hardware nodes

Eliminate virtual private server downtime due to hardware outages

Replicate storage and distribute it in to a cluster
Automatically move virtual private servers from a failed node to a functional node to keep them operational using the storage cluster

What’s Included

High availability
Cloud storage
Multiple replicas
No single point of failure
Auto Fail-over

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