Simplified Management

For cloud administrators and DevOps

We provide a single point of management for cloud administrators via the Cluster Admin panel and self-management for developers and DevOps using our Developer Dashboard.

Developer Dashboard

The Dashboard creates and manages the application environment including application servers, load balancers and clustering and availability.

Keeps server configurations up to date and consistent across the environment
Defines parameters for auto-scaling applications
Provides orchestration for application deployment, patches, updates and roll-backs

Jelastic Mobile App

The Jelastic iOS App delivers a powerful remote management tool for developers and DevOps.

View information related to your account: Email, group, status and balance.
Trace and change the state of your Java/PHP/Ruby/Node.js/Python environments.
Track your balance and view billing history
Refill your account to get more resources for using hosting services.

Cluster Admin Console

Jelastic’s Cluster Admin panel provides a consolidated view of your cloud resources.

Add servers to the cloud quickly and easily
Comprehensive analytics for all resources in the cloud
Performance metrics and tuning
Sophisticated user and security management features

What’s Included

Improved Server Density
Automatic vertical scaling
Automatic Horizontal scaling
Resource Savings

Need to ACCELERATE your delivery and response time?