Verizon STORE

Safe, Flexible, Lightning-Fast Distributed Cloud Storage

Our storage product offers purpose-built origin storage from a global delivery platform. Having your assets and content plugged into our distributed cloud storage ensures your users will enjoy instant experiences anywhere in the world.

Why Verizon

Flexible Origin Server Options: Stores content on our network or on your own hardware and syncs as needed.
Web-Based Control Panel: Offers a user-friendly, browser-based Media Control Center (MCC) to manage your content from anywhere.
Powerful Security: Easily deploys custom Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates and helps you prevent hot linking, piracy and other forms of content theft.
Massive Scale: Accommodates flash crowds or other surges in demand so you don’t have to worry about host capacity.
Intelligent Platform: Serves small files from random access memory (RAM) and large files from disk to ensure maximum performance.

What’s Included

Origin storage

Globally distributed

Storage performance, scalability and reliability

Secure storage by design

Flexible publishing options

Want to STORE your content closer to your users?