Don’t Sacrifice Performance for Security

PROTECT enables data and video stream protection through:

HTTPS support: Use TLS certificates (Transport Layer Security) to create secure HTTP connections so that data can be sent securely across the web

Protected HTTP Live Streaming Video support (PHLS): Used to protect Video on Demand (VOD)

Encryption from customer origin to Verizon gateway using TLS: Protect data being transferred between customer origin and Verizon’s CDN

Token-based authentication: Used to grant or deny access to content; prevent unauthorized users and websites from linking to customer content and levering customer bandwidth

Digital Rights Management: Control viewer access and apply restrictions to media usage

With older vulnerable technologies like SSL and SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) being phased out by many organizations, it’s important to have a partner that supports the latest security technologies required to protect your content.

Why Verizon

Protection: We enable you to protect your online content both at rest and in motion.
Security: We built security features right into our CDN platforms and support the delivery of both HTTP and HTTPS traffic on each CDN platform.

What’s Included

HTTPS encryption using TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificates – including support for OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol)

Support for Protected HTTP Live Streaming to protect media

Ability to enable Dynamic Streaming (Adobe) for media

Token-based authentication

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

* The following features may be available for an additional fee.

Need to PROTECT your data and video streams?